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Hillman Minx Saloon Car Cover 58-67
Hillman Minx Saloon Car Cover ’58-‘67

Hillman Minx Saloon Car Cover 58-67

Type of Cover

This model does not come with mirror pockets.

Choose from our range of extremely high quality car covers.

Indoor - Made from a non-woven material that is soft for paintwork, strong for long life and 100% UV resistant to prevent paint fade. Breathable, non-scratch, non-shrink and will not fluff on mohair soft tops or paintwork. 12 month warranty.

Indoor/Outdoor - Lightweight, breathable cover made from a strong, high grade, modern silver fabric. Ideal for carports. They are water resistant (not fully waterproof), washable and non-shrink. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and often used on daily driven cars. 12 month warranty.

Outdoor Waterproof - Heavy duty, totally waterproof winter outdoor cover with soft lining. The outer skin is soft and sturdy with double stitched seams and roof vents for dispersal of condensation. This is the best cover for cars that are used infrequently but spend winter outdoors. 2 year warranty.

Diamond Outdoor Waterproof - Our top of the range heavy duty cover. This is a substantial, 4 layer cover. The 2 outer layers give a quilted feel that is soft and pliable. The 3rd layer is a special waterproof/breathable membrane and the inner lining is soft and non-scratch against paintwork and chrome. Double stitched and suitable for outdoor or in-garage use. Washable, will not shrink, suitable for all weathers and year round use. 2 year warranty.