TV and Film

Over the last 35 years it has been our privilege to be asked to supply our products and services to the Film and Television industry.  


The TV shows above have become firm favourites with Classic Car enthusiasts worldwide, as well as here at Coverdale.  Filming days were great fun, and each of the film crews were a delight to work with.  The stars of the shows Drew Pritchard, Pedro (Peter) and Mike Brewer regaled us with many a story between takes.

See us on:

Salvage Hunters Classic Cars - S08 'Lancia Fulvia'

Vintage Voltage - Season 2 'Porsche 944'

Wheeler Dealers - Season 12 'Rover P5b'


One day a colleague answered the phone.  She turned to me and said 'it's for you.  It's The Secret Service'!  As you can image I was quite surprised, which quickly turned to delight when I was informed that it was actually Marvel Film Studios, and could we supply our top quality Kensington Caramel carpet for a scene in the next instalment of 'The Kingsman - The Golden Circle'.

If you have been fortunate to see the movie you will no doubt remember the iconic opening taxi cab scene as it sped through the city streets then disapeared into the mirky depths of a lake.  If I recall correctly they had to film the scene for a second time so the taxi cab had to have new carpet fitted all over again!


As well as the TV shows highlighted above we are sure you may also recognise some if not all of the following:

UK promo car Ecto1 for the 2016 film Ghostbusters.

A red carpet for Ruby Wax - UK tour.​​​​​​​

Several vehicles used in 80's drama 'Heartbeat'

Carpet for a heart shaped car used in a cereal advert.